dimarts, 13 de maig de 2014

"The Great Gatsby", F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby
Francis Scott Fitzgerald, 1925
Wildside Press, ebook

The Great Gatsby is one of the main classics in American Literature. Located in the Egg, a place close to New York, in the years of the dry law, it develops a live story. Years before the time of the novel, Jay Gatsby and Daisy had fallen on love, but because of the poorness of Gatsby and the WWI they got separated. Years later, we find Gatsby living in the West Egg, in front of the house where Daisy, now married to Tom Buchanan, is living, just across the bay. With the help of Nick Carrafield, that in fact is the narrator of the history, Gatsby manages to get in touch with her again,but the inevitable fate wont give Gatsby the chance of reaching what he has been pursuing during years; in the end he wont be able to be happy with the love of her life.

The Great Gatsby is a novel written in 1925, in the times of the prohibition (Dry Laws). However, even though that he writes about a gangster -it is not explicitly said in the novel, but we can easily imagine that he is involved in some kind of criminal racket-, F. Scott Fitzgerald focuses not in the crime scene but in the love that Gatsby feels for Daisy Buchanan. In a quite modern way, we get to know the details of James Gatz, better known as Jay Gatsby. In a way, he represents a classical American character, the self-made man, that is capable of becoming wealthy and powerful, coming from a very poor background. However, its is unusual that what Scott Fitzgerald emphasizes the most are the feelings of Gatsby, in a clear contraposition to the character of Tom Buchanan, very arrogant, selfish, womaniser and even rude.

I have found this a very interesting novel, mainly because it is a novel about a gangster that is not centred in the criminal world, but in the feelings. It is a very good depiction of the high society of that time and even gives us the opportunity of thinking about love, friendship and the careless people.