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"White Teeth", Zadie Smith

White Teeth Zadie Smith, 2000 Penguin, ebook kindle
White Teeth is a story about two families of immigrants to the United Kingdom. These two families are linked through the friendship between Samad Iqbal, a Bangladeshi who works as a waiter, and Archie Jones, an Englishman who works folding paper. They first met during the WWII in the Eastern Europe, and resumed their friendship when Samad moved to London, in the mid seventies. Following their friendship, we get to know about their respective wives, Alsana and Clara, and children, the twins Millat and Magid and Irie. The story is focused in several aspects of their lives, but always regarding their worries and angsts. All of them suffer, in way way or another: love, roots, place on earth, meaningless lifes...
White Teeth is a very ambitious novel, because it explores very complex situations and attitudes, most of them related to immigration and the way it affects people, specially the difficult to identify your own roots and to know your …